Would you swim in one degree water?

By Jael Joseph

At the start of my summer vacation from school, I asked a question on facebook. The post said “If there is one thing you would like to see me do this summer, drop it 👇🏽”  I received a few responses including “grow your hair by itself” by Prinze St.Jbeaz, “learn to play golf” by Mayma Raphael and “ride a horse” by Faye kay Ray. The very first comment from Delroy Nesta Williams stood out. He wanted me to “swim in the Fresh Water Lake.” 

The Fresh Water Lake is the largest of Dominica’s lakes and is located in the community of Laudat, 2,500 feet above sea level. The lake is enclosed in lush green vegetation and exotic fauna. Most people wear a light jacket or sweater when visiting the lake. It is also accessible by vehicle and there is parking available.

I have been to the lake countless times but always secretly feared taking a swim, as the fog emanates a feeling out of Jurassic Park. I was certain a dinosaur creature or anaconda would swallow me up if I ventured into the dark waters. When Delroy suggested I go swimming, I decided to take up the challenge.