Bouyon Monarch with Kevin Francis & Carlyn XP

Just a bit of history on bouyon music;
Originated from the island of Dominica and originated from WCK who brought “balance batty, conch shell to name a new and became very popular in the 1980s. Known as a fusion of genres with inclusions of sounds from the Lapo Kabwit, tan bou, accordion and drums. It has even been referred to as a faster tempo version of Soca music.
Bouyon monarch concept started in August 2014. The initial idea was to have all of the "top" bouyon singers going at each other in an amazing battle for the bouyon throne however after two years of hosting the event it became apparent that the competition didn’t appeal to the targeted singers.

This year, year three 2018 will mark  the beginning of "Ignition" (The Bouyon Festival) which was originally supposed to happen in year 5 of BMC however here we are.

Had the first ever BMC in January 2016 with 7 solo artists.
Second was February 2017 with 10 solo artists.
In 2018 there are 17 applications. 
The bouyon culture appears to be growing



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