Carlyn XP - Bouyon Queen / Artist / Composer

Carlyn XP is the current reigning Bouyon Queen of the World. Hailing from the Nature Isle, home of Bouyon Music, Carlyn has been on the music scene for a few years in National Bands as well as a back-up for various artists. Check out her site for her latest album and tour dates.

Chantman - Musician / Artist

The Caribbean sound is mashing up the airways all over the world. Reggae style music has become one of the most popular genres of music internationally. Here to bring a new flavor of tropical hip-hop is Chantman.
Born in St. Martin and raised in Dominica, Chantman has an authentic island sound. His music cannot be categorized with other Caribbean musicians because it has it’s own identity. It’s a well-balanced blend . . . half reggae – half hip-hop. Unique and undeniably catchy, he intertwines two cultures into one using a smooth, melodic flow.
With influencers such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Wyclef Jean, Jay-Z, Curren$y, James Brown and Nasio Fountaine, Chantman devised his own distinct sound. As a child growing up in the islands, he sang in the school choir. Like others his age, he expected his voice to change, but what he got was unexpected. His tone was raspy and raw, making it difficult to sing in his soprano octave. Unsure what to do with this new sound, he was almost ready to give up. Then one day he heard the talented Skinny Bonton, aka Shadow Flow, and became inspired. This successful artist had a similar voice. Chantman knew right then and there, he could make his special sound work.
Once he had a plan, it was immediately put into action. He studied reggae music and would perform, entertaining his peers. Working profusely, he perfected his own style and earned the name Chantman, signifying his ability to "chant" articulately over a track. The influence of hip-hop dripped all over his tone.
Now as an Atlanta, Georgia resident, Chantman is hitting the ground running. He is prepping for a world tour to promote his new single “Photogenic”. With his upcoming EP, Chantman is on the verge of becoming an international sensation.



Recycle Rebuild / WildDominique / Project AWARE - Dominica


WildDominique is a non-profit organisation which is approved by the government of Dominica as an NGO, with a mission to support and promote sound conservation practices in Dominica through environmental education, community engagement, research, species preservation, and policy. The organization arouse from the need for a strong environmental education program in Dominica coupled with the effects of Hurricane Maria on our fauna and flora.  This decision has also come at a time where we as a people are striving to become a climate resilient country and we believe a conservation organisation like WildDominique will play a vital role in reaching our national goal. WildDominique will serve as an umbrella conservation organisation working with local, regional, and international groups to provide solutions for environmental issues across the island.  To better manage our organisation, we have subdivided it into 3 sections: living young, living wild, and living free.

Recycle Rebuild is a UK based Scottish Charitable Inc (SCIO) registered charity that empowers communities to recycle waste into affordable, high-quality materials and products, whilst providing an immediate source of income for those affected by natural disasters. We have been in Dominica since the start of April and are currently working on a pilot recycling centre sponsored by the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and actively seeking funds for the creation of a larger permanent recycling and product making centre in Portsmouth.

Project AWARE takes action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities who depend on it Project AWARE connects the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation with a vision to Return to a Clean, Healthy ocean They advance programs that:

1.      Address the greatest threats facing the ocean. Those threats must be grounded in sound science and

2.      Fulfill the interests and needs of our community with both fins on and fins off.


Facebook: @wildominique767


Instagram: recycle_rebuild

Facebook: recyclerebuild


KAYLA JANE: Our Salty Passports / Project AWARE

Instagram: oursaltypassports

Twitter: saltdominica


Donya L. Francis - Teacher / Communications Specialist

Donya Francis hails from St. Kitts and Nevis. He holds a Bachelors in Journalism and is currently pursing his Masters in Global Health and Development. Donya has served his community as a teacher as well as a Journalist for the Office of the Prime Minister. He has a passion for helping others, especially kids reach their full potential.


INSTAGRAM: @peepileep_



Krystle Khan - Bikini / Fitness Model

Krystle Khan is a Bikini Athlete and Fitness Model for the Trinidad and Tobago Bodybuilders Federation (TTBBF).  She started her passion for fitness in 2008, and has since competed in the sport of Bodybuilding , Bikini Fitness Class A category.  She took First (1st) place in her first local show in June of 2016,  and showed great potential for representing the TTBBF. In June 2017, she placed First (1st) and also took the Overall Champion title for Bikini. In the more advanced local competition that took place in September of 2017, she placed Second (2nd). This senior competition held in September chooses the top athletes for the Trinidad and Tobago team, to represent the country at International Competitions. Her first international show, the Ben Weider Legacy Cup was held in Toronto, Canada in October of 2017, where she placed seventh (7th) amongst many other female athletes from around the world. She was featured in the Trinidad Express Newspaper on February 4th, 2017 where she was able to share her experiences in the fitness world. Krystle also currently writes recipes for the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper. The articles are printed weekly and are part of the efforts to making Trinidad and Tobago a healthier nation. She is currently sponsored by world renowned supplement brand, ALLMAX. Her local sponsors within Trinidad and Tobago consist of HubBox Grocery and Fitappeal Ltd. Krystle is planning to represent Trinidad and Tobago on an international scale for 2018.

Bouyon Monarch with Kevin Francis & Carlyn XP

Just a bit of history on bouyon music;
Originated from the island of Dominica and originated from WCK who brought “balance batty, conch shell to name a new and became very popular in the 1980s. Known as a fusion of genres with inclusions of sounds from the Lapo Kabwit, tan bou, accordion and drums. It has even been referred to as a faster tempo version of Soca music.
Bouyon monarch concept started in August 2014. The initial idea was to have all of the "top" bouyon singers going at each other in an amazing battle for the bouyon throne however after two years of hosting the event it became apparent that the competition didn’t appeal to the targeted singers.

This year, year three 2018 will mark  the beginning of "Ignition" (The Bouyon Festival) which was originally supposed to happen in year 5 of BMC however here we are.

Had the first ever BMC in January 2016 with 7 solo artists.
Second was February 2017 with 10 solo artists.
In 2018 there are 17 applications. 
The bouyon culture appears to be growing



WEBSITE: http;//

Jahmal Burnette - Comedian / Jingle Jam

Jahmal is just an ordinary young man currently a student of the University of Grambling in Lousianna. To most he is affectionately known as “Ma Buttercup” the loud grandmother that most West Indians grew up with. He launched on social media a few years ago and quickly grew a fan base with millions of views and hundreds of followers. Jahmal’s comedic personality has gained him much publicity including hosting events and most recently landed him a role in an upcoming movie filmed on the island of St. Maarten.

Cacoa Tea Topics: Text & Tone and Autism (Signs & Awareness) - Ayanda Green & Caya J. Harris


Caya Harris  manages Three Reimax Brokerages in Florida one of which is the largest Reimax in Broward county, she specializes in  Business management, start –up consulting and non-profit sponsorship. Caya is a mum to two children one of whom was diagnosed in 2013 with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Ayanda Green has always been an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and communications she attributes her success to maintaining, nourishing and sometimes even reviving relations she has cultivated into a thriving network. She is also a mum of a beautiful daughter.